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Monday, 25.03.2024 | Łukasz Nowak

From a passion for sounds. Let’s discover the story of Łukasz Nowak

Łukasz Nowak has dedicated the last four years of his career to the consistent development of professional competences in the position of Senior Frontend Developer in our company. And although he started working in a modern technology centre on April Fool’s Day, he takes employment in the IT industry seriously


Thursday, 22.02.2024 | Edyta Basiak

A successful woman in the IT world. Discover the story of Edyta Basiak

The beginning of April 2024 will be a special time for Edyta, Quality Assurance Manager at HL Tech. That's when it will pass 5 years since she started working in the technology centre for a leader on the British financial market - Hargreaves Lansdown.


Friday, 19.01.2024 | Krzysztof Kaczorowski

Life is a journey. Get to know the path of Krzysztof Kaczorowski

May 2021 was marked by a job change for Krzysztof Kaczorowski - he has just been employed at HL Tech as a Senior Android Developer. Over the next three years, he consistently built relationships with colleagues, advised others, and took decisions and initiatives. And today he is a valued specialist in his field!


Tuesday, 10.10.2023

QA conference in Bristol was unforgettable! 🎉

Thanks to a joint initiative of the HL branch in Poland and the headquarters in the UK, we organized first edition of the QA Conference - a testers fest at HL. Together we created something great!


Tuesday, 28.02.2023 | Igor Południkiewicz

How to change your life while staying true to yourself. Story of Igor Południkiewicz

Today we’d like to give a warm mention to Igor Południkiewicz, our Junior Software engineer from the Tooling team, and the first figure from HL Tech we want to introduce you to in our new series. We’ve chosen Igor’s story of joining the world of programming as our first, as it’s just as inspiring, as […]


Tuesday, 13.12.2022 | Joanna Wikiera

From biotechnology to software testing

Bravery, hunger for knowledge and desire for growth. These are the qualities describing hero of our today’s story of Asia who works as an Automation Engineer at HL Tech.


Tuesday, 15.11.2022 | Magdalena Korgól

Passion: Moto

Employment within the IT business could be compared to an expedition - sometimes through pathless tracks, other times through winding roads, nevertheless continuously exciting.


Wednesday, 31.08.2022 | Michał Zawitowski

Passion: Running

The IT industry is demanding. Starting from meticulous learning, through years of practice and continuous improvement of your skills, ending with many hours of work in front of the computer.


Monday, 06.06.2022 | Grzegorz Jędryka

Passion: Bicycle

Some reach for it occasionally some while the others see it as a form of commute. However, a sizable group of people see it this as a life passion. For Grzegorz Jędryka (Senior Java Developer at HL Tech) a bicycle is an inseparable work-life balance element.


Monday, 23.05.2022 | Marcin Bohdziewicz

Passion: Tea

It motivates you to action, it helps to break away from daily routine, sometimes it pumps up the adrenaline, another time relaxes and calms you down. Passion can significantly help to keep balance which is very important for everyone (especially in IT business!).


Thursday, 27.01.2022 | Michał Borowski

Passion: Photography

Michał started his career at HL Tech after the FinTech Challenge internship program in 2020. The trail in the IT industry was blazed by his wife, who was the first to make the decision and start working as a software developer.