Knowledge and practical experience are important. However, these are not our only criteria for choosing our co-workers. Every HL Tech employee has traits that help implement the company’ mission – strategic digital transformation of Hargreaves Lansdown.

Courage, constant strive for excellence, focus on quality, taking initiative and responsibility, as well as a relentless drive to achieve goals – this is what we look for in our future employees. We pay particular attention to building relationships: communication skills, ability to listen and to understand different perspectives, supporting others, sharing knowledge and experience, and mutual respect.

Thanks to this approach we are able to create a team of people with character, who strive to deliver top quality IT solutions on a daily basis through developing software and implementing cutting edge technologies.

Recruitment process steps

Our recruitment process is first and foremost the time to build mutual trust. It is also where two worlds meet, both in terms of values and expectations. On our part, we guarantee honesty and professionalism throughout the process.


1. Application

If you have your CV ready, it will take only a few seconds to apply ;) We prefer CVs in English. If you cannot see a current job offer for you – choose the Future Opportunities option.

2. Contact by telephone

If your experience as described in your CV meets the requirements stated in the posting – we will contact you by telephone first. This step is meant to verify some key points concerning our offer and your experience.

3. Task to perform (optional)

Some recruitment processes require that your skills are confirmed in an addition step. We can ask you to solve a problem remotely or invite you to our office. We usually try to organise the interviews on the same date to make the most of your presence.

4. Technical interview and meeting the HR team

This is the step in which we get to meet in person :) The meeting consists of two parts: an interview to check your technical skills and a conversation with an HR representative.

5. Interview with the manager

This is the second opportunity to meet and usually the last step in the recruitment process (sometimes it is combined with the previous step). The interview with the manager is meant to verify your skills but also to see if there’s chemistry ;)


Pension scheme, medical insurance, gym membership – at HL Tech, you always get top options. Find out what else you can expect!

Welcome on board

The beginning of work is a key stage. The success of both a new employee and the employer depends on it. Learn more about what our onboarding programme looks like.