HL Tech is a cutting-edge technology centre.
We create and provide software solutions for a leader on the British financial market – Hargreaves Lansdown.

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We know how important it is to have space to improve our solutions and standards we apply. That is why we support all initiatives that can influence what we do and how we do it. We believe in quality and innovation. The foundation of our actions is the experience, knowledge and ideas that each of us brings to the organisation.

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We work with the best experts. This is the outcome of the recruitment process that is very important for us. Have a closer look at its stages.


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Thursday, 05.05.2022 | Alina Yanchenko

HL Tech recruiting in practice

SO YOU WANT TO WORK IN IT? Having a career in Information Technology is a subject of dreams of many people. However, before it can be fulfilled, every candidate has to go through an important process which is recruitment. Although it varies depending on the particular organisation, it does have some common elements shared across […]


Sunday, 29.11.2020 | Tristan Bożek

How we build an accessible design system at HL Tech

Who are we? HL Tech is a technology centre focused on providing cutting-edge software solutions for Hargreaves Lansdown – an award-winning investment service provider on the British Market. We believe in quality and innovation, that is why we implemented best practices into our daily workflow. But more than that, we are a team of specialists […]


Wednesday, 28.08.2019 | Filip Łazarski

QCon New York 2019

In June I attended QCon conference held in New York. I would like to share with you my impressions. QCon is a 3 day conference + 2 days of workshop. I attended the conference part. QCon is split to different tracks. Most of them are technical, but there are some concentrating on soft skills as […]


Tuesday, 26.02.2019 |

Michał Głowiński CIO Roku 2018!

Szef HL Tech (pełniący tę funkcję do czerwca 2021) został wybrany przez jury zwycięzcą 16 edycji konkursu CIO Roku. Laureatami Diamentów CIO zostali Agnieszka Szopa-Maziukiewicz, CIO Biura Informacji Kredytowej oraz Ryszard Bryła, CIO PKP Energetyka.

Tuesday, 26.02.2019 |

W Warszawie powstało centrum technologiczne Hargreaves Lansdown

Zadaniem nowego centrum technologicznego jest tworzenie rozwiązań IT dla wyspecjalizowanej w zarządzaniu funduszami inwestycyjnymi i oszczędnościami brytyjskiej Grupy Hargreaves Lansdown.

Tuesday, 26.02.2019 |

IT i biznes. Warto nie odpuszczać

Michał Głowiński, szef HL Tech (pełniący tę funkcję do czerwca 2021), spółki technologicznej obsługującej brytyjskiego potentata ubezpieczeń emerytalnych, dzieli się swoim podejściem do relacji technologii z biznesem.