Passion: Photography

27.01.2022 | Michał Borowski, Junior Frontend Developer

Michał started his career at HL Tech after the FinTech Challenge internship program in 2020. The trail in the IT industry was blazed by his wife, who was the first to make the decision and start working as a software developer. 😊

From amateur to professional

Beginnings in photography: Michał started taking photos while traveling to preserve fleeting memories for longer. Over the years, he documented the things that were around him. However, he reached a point where he no longer cared about “aesthetic” and “pretty” photos, and his photographs became technically imperfect – less sharp, a bit blurry. But they had this “something” – they “captured” the moments.

Michał is currently working on his own project – night photography with a longer exposure time. It’s a series in which Michal shows his closest surroundings: streets, parks, but… in a Lynchian way, in an atmosphere of mystery. What matters here is not a single shot but a story that creates a coherent whole.

Passion also useful in IT

Photography helped him break the ice at HL Tech and quickly find his way into the team! Michal is responsible for the for photo coverage of team-building trips and many other occasions in which we meet as entire HL Tech team. 😎

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