Passion: Moto

15.11.2022 | Magdalena Korgól, Digital Product Manager

Employment within the IT business could be compared to an expedition – sometimes through pathless tracks, other times through winding roads, nevertheless continuously exciting.

How much in common these two subjects have, the IT business and road trips, is best known to our Digital Product Manager, Magdalena.

Interest from an early age

“I had my first driving lessons when I was in elementary school. It was not a motorcycle, but a twenty-year-old motorbike borrowed from my brother. Years later, the subject came back thanks to my husband who bought a motorcycle for himself. It was an impulse for me as well, because I have the need to always try something new. Keeping up the momentum, I passed my driving test and bought my own motorcycle. ” – This is how Magda tells us about the beginnings of her passion.

Relaxation and time saving

Every ride is a reason for joy, however the most relaxing is a solo trip, whose destination is to be discovered while it lasts. “It reminds me of the feeling of freedom and relaxation. […] I am not driven towards automotive communities, I prefer to solely experience emotions raised through motorcycle riding and all the surroundings.” – she explains. Moreover, Magda prefers roads, which do not have heavy traffic and not necessarily in touristic regions. She is more interested in the real, natural view of Poland.

Currently, Magda is a mother of two, and due to the limited time she rides only occasionally and for pleasure. However, she recalls that in the past she also used a motorcycle to ride to work. “I was getting on the motorcycle on Friday at 4 pm – 5 pm during peak hours. At that time, driving through the whole city by car to my hometown, 100 km away from Warsaw, it would have taken me 3.5-4 hours. I was touring it all, avoiding all that traffic. As a result, it was taking me 1.5 hours to return home. ” – Magda mentions.

Challenges on the road and behind the desk

Could these two hobbies, IT and motorcycles, be compared? “Just as at work, you could never be too experienced on a motorcycle.” – she explains. Magda is continuously learning new things, new challenges appear regularly, which she gladly takes on.

Every hobby improves us and brings balance in our everyday life. That is why we wish Magda plenty of fascinating motorcycle road trips!

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