Welcome on board!

We believe that the right onboarding of new employees is key to their development. We do our best to make it as comprehensive as possible. What does this mean?

The onboarding starts on the day you are hired and lasts around 3 months. It is the time of getting to know each other, from a formal and a not-so-formal side.

First weeks at HL Tech

On the first day of work, we focus on settling all formal issues related to employment. In the first few weeks you will take part in many meetings and get to know a lot of people. You will be introduced to the company’s strategy, learn about the tools and technologies we use, as well as the general rules of work. Only after that will you join the project team. Thanks to this onboarding process, you will feel less stressed and we can get to know you better by spending time with you – not necessarily time devoted to the project :)

Visiting Hargraves Lansdown

Every new employee spends several days at our headquarters in Bristol. This is a very important part of the onboarding process, which allows you to get to know one of the largest financial institutions in the UK at its core. Within these few busy days, new employees take part in a series of meetings, during which they learn the basics of the HL business, including the range of services provided to clients. This will ensure that the work we carry out in Warsaw, over 1,800 km away, is not detached from reality. A trip to Bristol is also an opportunity to meet people and integrate. This is important as you will soon work closely with the people from the headquarters.

The Buddy Programme

A “Buddy” is an employee who will take you under his or her wing in the early stage of your employment. It is a person you can turn to with any question or concern. You have the right to not know “what, where, and how.” Your buddy, being a seasoned employee, will know the answers to most of your questions – if not, he will be able to refer you to the right person. It is also a person with whom you will probably eat many lunches and drink many coffees while getting to know the company from a less formal side.

HL Tech - Tech stack

Check out other technologies we work with. Our tech stack is not limited – and this makes it possible for our people to adapt it to project requirements.

Join us!

We are looking for the best experts in their fields who are enthusiastic about their work, and for whom quality and teamwork are the most important values.