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Tuesday, 27.09.2022 | Łukasz Nowak

Microapps – way to go for easier workflow and faster delivery of new functionalities

In the beginning there was a monolith I am curious how many of you remember your first developer training projects. Their aim was to teach the basics of diverse issues. For instance – connection to the source database, safe backend handling of such, or neat UI/UX design. Even if you went one step ahead and […]


Sunday, 29.11.2020 | Tristan Bożek

How we build an accessible design system at HL Tech

Who are we? HL Tech is a technology centre focused on providing cutting-edge software solutions for Hargreaves Lansdown – an award-winning investment service provider on the British Market. We believe in quality and innovation, that is why we implemented best practices into our daily workflow. But more than that, we are a team of specialists […]


Wednesday, 28.08.2019 | Filip Łazarski

QCon New York 2019

In June I attended QCon conference held in New York. I would like to share with you my impressions. QCon is a 3 day conference + 2 days of workshop. I attended the conference part. QCon is split to different tracks. Most of them are technical, but there are some concentrating on soft skills as […]


Wednesday, 27.02.2019 | Krzysztof Kur

The internship programme from the programmer’s perspective

Modern technologies and the real project! What was the challenge our interns had to face?