Passion: Tea

23.05.2022 | Marcin Bohdziewicz, Head of Warsaw

It motivates you to action, it helps to break away from daily routine, sometimes it pumps up the adrenaline, another time relaxes and calms you down. Passion can significantly help to keep balance which is very important for everyone (especially in IT business!).
The following text will take a closer look at the ritual, which is not only a passion for Marcin, but also a way to bring the necessary balance to life.
In Poland tea is mainly associated with frigid and rainy evenings. In the majority it is a classic add-on to daily meals, however for Marcin it has much deeper meaning.

More than just a beverage

Tea drinking does not start with the moment you bring a cup to your mouth and it does not end with the last drop of the brew. As Marcin refers, he treats this activity as a certain ceremony, which requires time for preparation and consumption at ease. It is a ritual that provides him a dose of meditation and relaxation.

What is the origin of this peculiar penchant? Marcin studied at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. Both the specificity of the school and his long time interest of the Japan culture impacted his passion. The Japanese tea ceremony is more than 800 years old making it the most developed in the world. Although Marcin preferred coffee for many years, tea is his favourite hot drink nowadays. One of the reasons is fact it brings him back good memories of student times.

Through the practice and dedicated events participation, Marcin acquired admirable knowledge of the subject. He still likes to attend various tea events because it gives him a perfect opportunity to meet people he shares passion with and – obviously – to try new tastes.

Tea mindfulness

Tea brewing process requires peace of mind and concentration. Therefore, this is perfect occasion for taking someone’s mind off the reality. There are many ways of meditating but they all lead to one goal: mindfulness. Depending on the relaxation method, we can focus on breath, physical sense or view in front of the eyes. Nevertheless, the aim is to give oneself a moment of rest from thoughts – both, negative and positive. This moment of pensiveness represents for Marcin time of prepering his favourite brew. Succeeding steps, performed with meticulous precision and crowned with that moment of relaxation, ensure the feeling of balance during the day.

A recipe for any season

During warm, summer months he chooses green tea brewed from unseasoned leafs. By contrast, in autumn and winter he goes for herbs which are seasoned, darker and more warming up.

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