The organisational culture of HL Tech is based on who we are, how we work and on the values that are important to us. We take it seriously and work hard together on creating it. You can feel it and see it every day; just have a look at the space we work in – it is innovative, friendly and conducive to effective collaboration.

It is extremely important to us that each and every employee actively contributes to shaping our reality – hence the numerous initiatives like the Employee Forum, Colleague Surveys, Focus Groups, or Retrospectives. We constantly and openly communicate what is happening in the company (Employee Updates, Digital Signage) and strive to provide full and comprehensively collected feedback (360 degree feedback). We develop our work rules together – which naturally motivates us to follow them. In our culture, employees create their own reality and feel responsible for it. Most importantly, all of this is founded on mutual respect.

This approach results in an ideal team of individuals who deliver top-notch solutions while working seamlessly and enjoying spending time together.

HL Tech - Tech stack

Check out other technologies we work with. Our tech stack is not limited – and this makes it possible for our people to adapt it to project requirements.

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We are looking for the best experts in their fields who are enthusiastic about their work, and for whom quality and teamwork are the most important values.