Passion: Running

31.08.2022 | Michał Zawitowski, Senior Java Developer

The IT industry is demanding. Starting from meticulous learning, through years of practice and continuous improvement of your skills, ending with many hours of work in front of the computer. No wonder sometimes you have to take a break, get up and “get some fresh air into your head”. Michał, Senior Java Developer has his own way of doing it – running!

Passion as a way to explore the world

In the running, he found a method not only for work-life balance, but also for … exploring new places .. Many of us associate sightseeing with lazy walks, but it isn’t in Michał’s style 😊
“I take a small backpack, camera, phone, and water bottle, and instead of walking, I jog slowly. This way you can visit a city in one rather than two or three days.”- says Michał.

Run, Michał, run!

Butsightseeing is not the only opportunity to run! Every year, Michał takes part in at least three running competitions or events ata distance of 5 -10 km. And apart from that – one could list endlessly – weekly Park Run, regular training at least 5 times a week… As he recalls himself, during such events it is not competition that plays the main role, it is just the “icing on the cake” – it’s nice to be in the top 10, or even on the podium from time to time. Above all, it is about a certain kind of work-life balance and the possibility to detach yourself from your work desk.

Runners from Łódź can find Michał in one of his favorite places – Łagiewnicki Forest.
Asked about his achievements, Michał focuses mainly on beating times for given distances.
His current records are:
5km – 17min53s
10km- 37min6s

We keep our fingers crossed for our colleague and wish him new live records!

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