From biotechnology to software testing

13.12.2022 | Joanna Wikiera, Automation Engineer

Bravery, hunger for knowledge and desire for growth. These are the qualities describing hero of our today’s story of Asia who works as an Automation Engineer at HL Tech.

Before landing a job in IT, Joanna went through a fascinating career path. Her fondness for chemistry and biology as well as meticulous nature led her towards a biotechnology degree. She finalized five years of studies with a position at one of the leading cosmetic companies. Nevertheless, she had this feeling that it was not exactly IT. At the same time, her closer and further entourage started to talk more about stories from the digital technologies world. That is where Joanna got an idea for a new personal growth challenge – #ThatsTheSpirIT.


She enrolled on a postgraduate course, however the studies quickly started to interfere with her business duties. Hence, she decided to bet everything on one card. She quit her job as a microbiologist to focus on her goal, which was to finish the course.
Was it worth it?

“Already during the first semester, from lecture to lecture, learning JAVA and how testing works, I knew I was at the right place. I simply enjoyed it!” – she explains.

Her studies took two semesters, and already during the second one she started job hunting for a tester position. “I quit my work at the lab in February and in November I already had my first job here at HL Tech .” – she continues.

She has found the job offer on one of the employment web boards. Joanna put her application forward and shortly after she was in an elevator going to the 34th floor of Warsaw Spire for her recruitment interview. During the meeting she has completed several tasks and tests and after a couple of days Asia received a phone call with an invitation to the second stage of recruitment, which you already know how it went for her 😊


She started to build her experience as a manual tester. Currently, she works on writing automated tests – beginning with e2e tests in Selenium and Java, going all the way to mobile app’s tests in Kotlin.

It is at Hl Tech where she has gained considerable skills and got to learn all the nuances, all of which gave her solid fundamentals for further growth.

“At this company a person is never left all alone, there is a strong will for information exchange, discussions about how something could be improved and developed.” – she explains.
“I really enjoy working with people as much as learning from them, drive each other further. […] I have loads of ideas, which I can confront within a team. […] I get really hyped through improvement, which means not only doing things according to set procedures already in place, but also through the search for new solutions, often out of the box.” – Asia concludes.

We are proud that it is within our ranks Joanna got to taste the IT and, more importantly, she is continuously able to develop herself in both terms – industry specialization and personal challenges she decides to face!

Fingers crossed for the upcoming years together!

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