Life is a journey. Get to know the path of Krzysztof Kaczorowski

19.01.2024 | Krzysztof Kaczorowski, Senior Android Developer

May 2021 was marked by a job change for Krzysztof Kaczorowski – he has just been employed at HL Tech as a Senior Android Developer. Over the next three years, he consistently built relationships with colleagues, advised others, and took decisions and initiatives. And today he is a valued specialist in his field!

Why does Krzysiek connect his life with the IT industry? What is his passion? What are his plans for fulfillment in 2024? This – and much more! – reveals in this material.

Success is achieved in small steps

Even at a young age, Krzysiek was able to effectively solve problems in exact sciences. He participated in mathematical competitions and olympiads, and was accompanied by a computer while working on intellectual tasks. Interest in searching for programming errors and the desire to fix them naturally led Krzysztof towards IT education and taking up work in the IT industry. Working at HL Tech gives him stability, but also poses a challenge for development. His advice: on the path of personal development, it is good to focus on achievable goals and the small steps method. Individual successes then combine into overall satisfaction.

Amateur cycling — a passion developed since childhood

A childhood enthusiast of cycling adventures effectively integrated learning with physical activities, and the two-wheeler was the best way to spend free time and explore new places. However, the real adventure with cycling began after graduation, about ten years ago, when Krzysiek decided to take care of his physical condition. He quickly realized that cycling is not only about participating in races, but above all, proper preparation for them. Therefore, there are useful, among others: knowledge of dietetics, motivation and awareness of one’s own capabilities, not only physical but also mental.

The next stages of friendship with a bicycle

Our friend developed amateur cycling by participating in MTB marathons – a mountain biking discipline that involves racing on a long, endurance route. It’s no wonder that his first professional bike was a mountain bike! Although he was not ranked high among cyclists at that time, being surrounded by people who shared the same passion motivated him to continue riding.
After a few years, Krzysiek replaced his mountain bike with a road bike. This was mainly due to practical reasons, because this bike is lighter, faster and more flexible, and it is also easier to take care of its equipment and maintenance.

Cycling sport— way to relax

For Krzysztof, sport is an important part of life. It is a source of active rest, relaxation after work, energy and endorphins. The reason he chose cycling is prosaic… To practice this sport, you only need a bicycle. And although you can ride in a team, you can also develop this passion on your own. Krzysiek sometimes leaves the house and travels up to 100 km to relax and experience the charm of the surrounding landscapes.

To ride, you have to ride

The author of cycling success currently covers routes of approximately 10,000 km per year. He participated, among others: in the Amateur Grand Prix race from the “Rallies for Fun” series, which covered almost 140 km (!). He also traveled from Białołęka around Kampinos, got to know northern Warsaw thoroughly, and also visited Grodzisk Mazowiecki to visit his family.
His journeys are accompanied by various feelings and emotions; at the beginning joy, at the end tiredness and thoughts of possible resignation and returning home. However, he has a solution: he rations his energy resources and motivates himself more to complete the planned journey. He is inspired by cyclists who are able to overcome many difficulties on the way to sports satisfaction.

Dreams for the near future

Krzysiek admits that the most important element in sports is having fun. During his expeditions, he not only experiences the satisfaction of overcoming his own weaknesses, but also meets many people who are as passionate about cycling as he is. They include both bicycle marathon runners and people who sometimes just like to go for a spin on two wheels.

Krzysztof believes that everyone can complete any planned route at their own pace. He himself constantly shares his passion with his daughter so that they can conquer various routes together. He is also planning a bicycle trip to the seaside for 2024. And what next? Time will tell where he will go – and we are still rooting for each journey to be successful!

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