Friday, 29.07.2022 | Renata Puzio

Need some Buddy?

Accustoming new employees is one of the biggest challenges for HR departments these days. Remote and hybrid models of work drastically changed the attitude towards the onboarding process. When we think about breaking in a new team member, we have to remember it is not only formalities and procedures, but most important is an introduction […]


Thursday, 05.05.2022 | Alina Yanchenko

HL Tech recruiting in practice

SO YOU WANT TO WORK IN IT? Having a career in Information Technology is a subject of dreams of many people. However, before it can be fulfilled, every candidate has to go through an important process which is recruitment. Although it varies depending on the particular organisation, it does have some common elements shared across […]


Wednesday, 27.02.2019 | Anna Judek

Distinguished as the Best IT Workplace 2018

What did our employees who took part in the AudIT survey organised by Computerworld appreciate us for?


Wednesday, 27.02.2019 | Kinga Janeczek

Internship That Matters – the internship programme that has changed the standards.

What do you do to get more than 850 internship programme applications in three weeks, and then offer permanent positions to 90% of applicants?